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December 2005

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This Month's Recipe - Palm Nut Soup
May 2005
Auntie Kate's Plain Palm Nut Soup – Ngonya Mosaka
Culled from Idowu, K.E. Auntie Kate’s Cookery Book (3rd Edition). London; McMillam, 1985.
1 kg fresh palm nuts
1 cup crayfish
1 dried fish (large)
or 1/2 dried fish, 1 1/2 stockfish  or 1 kg mixed beef   or 1 kg pork   or 1/2 kg fresh fish   or 1 chicken
1 onion (large)
or ¼ njangasnaga  or ¼ cup esekeseke (or less to taste) 
or 1 – 2 leaves manjuweli  or 2 – 4 red peppers (large)
Salt to taste
1 litre warm water (4 cups)

Wash and boil palm nuts until cooked.
Pound to separate fleshy pulp from the kernels.
Separate and wash the kernels in warm water. Remove.
Knead and squeeze the pulp in the same warm water and strain the fairly thick liquid into a pot.
Repeat as necessary, using the remaining warm water.
Bring the palm nut liquid to the boil. Keep the lid off to prevent the oily part of the liquid boiling over. Add salt.
Wash fish clean. Cut into required pieces.
Wash and grind onions or njangasanga, two large peppers and crayfish separately.
Add fish, pepper, onion and salt.
Cook for about 1/2 hour (over a steady heat), thus reducing the liquid to about half.
Mix ground crayfish with cold water td a thick paste and add carefully, leaving behind any sand.
Cook for about 10 minutes.
Serve with ekpang or timba na busa (sese-epang); boiled plantain pounded yam or cocoyam; garri; sese plantains.

New Arrival - Smoke Dried Meat
October 2008

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This traditionally West Afrcan Dried Meat method of drying meat has long been a favorite of many west African cultures. Now GreatDryMeat makes it easy for you to get this hard-to-find treat delivered right to your door!

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